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BVE Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the BVE FAQ. We hope this document will answer all your questions, but if you cannot find an answer here, please e-mail us and we will do our best to resolve your problem and add to the information provided here for other customers.
This FAQ is under construction!

Why does it cost so much to send your Discworld Beers and Cider?
Our Discworld Beers and Cider are packaged in 500ml glass bottles to ensure the product reaches you in the best possible condition. Each bottle weighs about 1kg. As you can imagine, sending glass bottles through the mail without them being damaged is not easy. We use a courier company to ship our Discworld Beer and make sure it arrives with you safely.
The cost of shipping includes insurance against damage - we will replace any products damaged in transit at no extra cost to the customer if the damage is reported within 10 days of arrival.
How will my beer order be delivered to me?
For orders of 3 bottles or more, we dispatch your goods via Amtrak Express Parcels, who will deliver to your home. Should noone be available to take delivery, they will leave a card and attempt to deliver on the next working day. Because the goods require a signature, they cannot be left with a neighbour or on your doorstep. After 2 delivery attempts, you will need to collect your goods from the Amtrak depot. This has to be done within 2 working days after the second delivery attempt.
How do you calculate the shipping cost?
Our shipping costs are calculated automatically as you select more items and add them to your basket. The rate depends on the weight of your order. It is possible to order up to 15kg of goods for the same shipping cost. For smaller orders, the maximum weight is 5kg and then the higher rate is charged. So, why not make the most of the weight available and order 10 bottles instead of 3?
I'm buying for a birthday present / Christmas gift - can you get it to me in time?
We currently aim to make all deliveries in 28 days. We keep limited stocks of the Discworld Beers and Cider because our products are foodstuffs and have a sell by date, and we want the product that arrives on your doorstep to be in perfect condition. If your order is time sensitive, we can give it priority and ensure it reaches you before the special event - please contact us by e-mail to discuss your requirements.
Do you take wholesale orders?
The Beers and Cider we produce are make in small batches, making it expensive to produce. As such, we are not able to offer a massive wholesale discount. If you run a specialist beer shop and would like to stock our products, please contact us at this address for details.
Can I buy your beers in casks?
Yes! We can supply your festival or party with casks of all the Discworld Beers, but do need at least 6 weeks notice to allow production of the beer. Please contact us at this address.
Do you deliver to the US?
We can deliver all of our products, except the Discworld Beers, to countries outside the UK and are always happy to help overseas customers.
Are there extra taxes or delivery charges for overseas orders?
Delivery costs are calculated automatically depending on what you order, and where it is being sent. We don't profit from shipping and charge these services 'at cost'. With regard to inport taxes, these are the responsibility of those who order the products. We clearly mark parcels sent to the US, Australia or Canada with a customs label, detailing the contents and the weight of items. We suggest you check with your local post office about import taxes.